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Chie Uekihara,D.C.

Reiki Practitioner/Energy Worker
Chiropractic Doctor

Since graduating from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2006, Dr. Uekihara has been providing a unique style of holistic care by combining chiropractic adjustments and energy work in the form of Reiki in Las Vegas, NV.


She has been practicing Reiki for over ten years and is a certified Reiki Master.


In 2017, she moved back to California to be closer to the ocean.


Her main focus today revolves around the field of Energy Medicine and Healing at the Energy Medicine & Healing Center (EMHC) in Carlsbad, CA. Besides clinical work, she enjoys talking about the relationship between science and healing through energy and spiritual healing at her informative workshops in San Diego, Orange County and Las Vegas.

Her life mission is to seek and introduce new research on the power of healing through energy medicine to the public at large.



Sedona AZ


Energy Medicine & Healing Center

Energy Medicine is now recognized as an integral part of Biofield Science and Healing, in which we are starting to learn and understand more about our own energy fields.


EMHC focuses on the human energy fields by accessing the physical, emotional, and spiritual information to achieve optimal health and well-being.


During a typical therapy session, Dr. Uekihara channels healing energy into her clients, which helps the body focus on the area in need of healing.


This accelerates the healing process and restores the natural flow of energy in the body.

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