Energy Medicine optimizes health by activating life force energy to restore balance and by promoting emotional well-being and spiritual healing. 



By accessing the client's spiritual energy field during a Reiki session, the trained practitioner receives vital information affecting the client's current health status. 

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Chiropractic adjustments helps to eliminate pain and dysfunction in the muscles and joints of the body. Restoring proper alignment in the body promotes improved energy flows without physical impediments.



By combing the above therapies, the client is able to optimize their health and well-being from a multifaceted approach to restore and rejuvenate a client's physical, emotional, spiritual, and energy levels. 

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The trained practitioner accesses the client's energy field from afar and receives information without physically seeing the client. Distance healing is healing energy sent across time and space that is received and has a healing affect on the recipient. It can be done at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the practitioner.


Energy Medicine

60 min x 5 Visits : $ 388

60 min x 3 Visits:  $ 230

Initial Visit 60 min + 4 (30 min ) visits: $317

Initial Visit 60 min + 2 (30 min) visits: $200


After Initial Visit
30 min x 5 visits: $290

30 min x 3 visits: $177

Spiritual Healing

90 min (Initial Visit) + 4 (60 min) visits : $ 399

90 min (Initial Visit) + 2 (60 min) visits:  $ 260

Energy Medicine & Healing Center

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